Christmas Roast Beef Part 2: Christmas is a time for celebrating God's love with family, and what better way to bring the whole family together than over a delicious cut of Roast Beef Tenderloin? This recipe is simple, fuss-free and still looks gorgeous, so hope you will try it out this Christmas!

How to tie a roast beef

When preparing roast beef, tie a roast to help it retain a nice round shape during roasting, and also allows it to cook more evenly. Part 1 of Roast Beef Tenderloin with Grilled Vegetables will focus on how to tie a roast beef using the butcher's knot.

Course Main Course
Cuisine Western
Keyword tying roast beef
Prep Time 10 minutes
Author Melissa | The Undercover Chef


  • 1 KG Beef Tenderloin
  • Butchers Twine
  • Cutting board


  1. Lay the tenderloin on the cutting board, and bunch it together to form a long round log shape.

  2. Pass the twine around one end of the beef

  3. Put the two ends of twine together, and loop them around your fingers. Then insert the beginning end of the twine through the loop and pull to tighten.

  4. This is the butcher’s knot, which is a very useful slip knot that allows you to easily adjust and tighten the knot later. Pull on both ends of the twine to tighten the knot so it just holds the beef firmly in shape. Ensure the knot is not too tight. Fasten the knot by tying an overhand knot (the most basic knot that you usually use).

  5. Loop the long end of twine around your hand, then slip it under the beef. Pull to tighten. Ensure that the loop is about 4-5 cm away from the first loop. Continue with the remaining length of the beef

  6. Turn the roast over, and measure out 1.5 lengths of twine, then trim the excess.

  7. Use the loose end of twine to go loop around the intersecting sections of twine, going under, over then under again.

  8. Once you reach the end, turn the beef over and fasten to the beginning end of the twine using two overhand knots. Then trim the excess twine. All done!

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