Cold Silken Tofu Recipe with Crispy Garlic in just 17-minutes

This simple 17-minute cold silken tofu recipe is my favourite recipe when you need to whip up a fast and healthy dish, with the crispy garlic and condiments harmonising with the smooth and creamy texture of the tofu. Try the recipe today!

Course Side Dish
Cuisine Chinese
Keyword chilled silken tofu, chilled tofu with fried garlic, silken tofu with crispy fried garlic
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 7 minutes
Total Time 17 minutes
Servings 4
Calories 232 kcal
Author Bee Leng | The Burning Kitchen




  1. Remove the skin of the garlic, then wash and pat dry. Next, chop the garlic finely.

  2. Wash the spring onions and cut into small pieces. Set aside for later use.

  3. Remove the plastic cover from the tofu box. Invert the tofu over your palm.  Give the bottom of the plastic box a gentle squeeze to loosen the tofu and it will drop onto your palm.

  4. Rinse it quickly under the running tap and transfer the tofu on to a medium sized plate. Then leave it in the fridge for later use. 


  1. In a wok, heat up 6 TBsp of oil over medium heat.

  2. Once the oil bubbles, add in the chopped garlic and fry until golden. You need to control the heat well so it won't get burnt (see tips section)

  3. Once done, pour the crispy garlic over a sieve to separate the garlic from the oil.

  4. When ready to serve, take the tofu out from the fridge and remove any excess water from the plate. Spoon 2-3 TBsp of the garlic oil over the tofu.

  5. Drizzle the dark soya sauce over the tofu, followed by the light sauce and sesame oil.

  6. Lastly, place the crispy garlic on top of the tofu and serve chilled.

  7. You can also garnish it with spring onion if you like (optional)

Top Tips


  1. Buy the extra smooth or the Japanese silken tofu.
  2. When frying the garlic, watch it closely. Once the garlic starts to turn light golden, turn off the heat immediately. The oil will continue to cook the garlic.
  3. If the garlic is still not sufficiently gold, turn the heat back up for a few seconds more to reheat the oil, then turn it off again. If you wait until the garlic turns golden to turn off the fire, the hot oil will continue to cook the garlic until it is brown and has a bitter burnt taste. It only takes a few seconds to burn the garlic, and you will have dump it and prepare another fresh lot.
  4. Control the fire carefully to ensure that the garlic is  just golden, not brown (ie burnt) is the key to this recipe!
  5. Top it up with crispy pork or chicken floss if garlic is not to your liking. Most children would be delighted!
  6. It is best eaten chilled.